The latest technology in stamping processing

Composite Process of Stamping and Electromagnetic Forming

Electromagnetic forming is high-speed forming, and high-speed forming can not only expand the forming range of aluminum alloys, but also improve its formability. The specific method of forming aluminum alloy covers by composite stamping is: use a set of convex and concave molds to install electromagnetic coils at the sharp corners and difficult-to-form contours of aluminum alloy covers, form them by electromagnetic methods, and then use a pair of molds. The easy-to-form part of the cover is formed on a press, and then the preform is deformed at high speed with an electromagnetic coil to complete the final forming. Facts have proved that with such a composite forming method, aluminum alloy coverings that are difficult to obtain with a single stamping method can be obtained.

The latest research shows that magnesium alloy is a metal with high specific strength, good rigidity and strong electromagnetic interface protection performance. trend. At present, the magnesium alloy parts used in automobiles include instrument bottom plates, seat frames, engine covers, etc., and magnesium alloy pipe parts are also widely used in cutting-edge industrial fields such as aircraft, missiles and spacecraft. However, the close-packed hexagonal lattice structure of magnesium alloys determines that it cannot be stamped at room temperature. Now people have developed a mold that combines heating and forming to stamp and form magnesium alloy products. The forming process of the product is as follows: During the descending process of the punch slide, the upper die and the lower die are clamped to heat the material, and then the material is formed in an appropriate motion mode.

Combination of stamping and cold forging

Generally, sheet metal stamping can only form parts with equal wall thickness, and thin-walled parts can be obtained at most by thinning and stretching. The limitations of stamping and forming limit its application range. In the production of auto parts, some thin-walled but unequal thickness parts are often encountered. It is very easy to form them by a composite plastic forming method combining a single stamping and cold forging. Therefore, the combination of stamping and cold forging is used. This method can expand the range of sheet metal processing. The method is to first use the stamping method to preform, and then use the cold forging method to finalize. The advantages of composite plastic forming by stamping cold forging are as follows: First, the raw materials are easily and cheaply purchased, which can reduce the production cost; second, the large forming force required for single cold forging is reduced, which is beneficial to improve the life of the die.

Post time: May-27-2022