Die Casting

  • All series of die casting

    All series of die casting

    Raisingelec has been engaged in die casting trade for 10 years. Our large number of factory partners in China have enabled us to respond quickly to customer orders and have a strong cost competitive advantage and quality reliability. At the same time, for some difficult parts from the customers, We can also quickly give a solution. We can provide customers with a full range of die casting supporting services, including customized die casting, high pressure die casting , hot chamber die castin...
  • OEM ODM for die casting

    OEM ODM for die casting

    Die casting is a metal casting process, which is characterized by using the inner cavity of the die to apply high pressure to the molten metal. Molds are usually made of higher strength alloys, which is somewhat similar to injection molding. Most die castings are iron free, such as zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, tin and lead tin alloys and their alloys. Depending on the type of die casting, it is necessary to use cold chamber die casting machine or hot chamber die casting machine. T...
  • Supporting services for die casting

    Supporting services for die casting

    The advantages of die casting include excellent dimensional accuracy. Usually, this depends on the casting material. The typical value is that the error is 0.1mm for the first 2.5cm size, and the error increases by 0.002 mm for each additional 1cm. Compared with other casting processes, its casting surface is smooth, and the fillet radius is about 1-2.5 microns. Castings with a wall thickness of about 0.75 mm can be manufactured relative to sandbox or permanent die casting. It can directly ca...