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Who We Are

Raisingelec is a metal manufacturer in China focused on  stamping and machining ,at the same time ,we can provide "one stop" support to the clients for all series of materials including wires,PCB,PCBA,metals etc .

Our Mission

The mission of Raisingelec is to provide customers with high quality and full range of material services.

Our Values

Raisingelec can provide the materials with good quality and  the competitive price .

Years Of Experiences
Professional Experts
Talented People
Happy Clients



Providing Best Solution In Supply Chain

We Have More Than 20+ Years materials Experience in supply chain

Raisingelec has more than 15 years experience in stamping and machining production in China .

Raisingelec has more than 10 years experience in supply chain services including shortage supporting ,PCB,PCBA,wires etc.