Introduction to the structure of stamping tooling

In Raisingelec,the structure of the stamping die, The corresponding die is designed according to the characteristics and needs of different products. Different die structures have different functions and different products. Generally speaking, there are simple , there are complex. But no matter how complex the structure is, its basic structure is unchanged, nothing more than a number of templates, blocks and standard parts.

The metal mold is generally assembled from several templates and parts and standard parts.

The general stamping die structure, the specific template from top to bottom (including the code number) is:

The templates for the upper die are:
Upper pallet, upper foot, upper die holder (UPU), upper backing plate (UBU), upper splint (PHU), stop plate (PPS), stripper plate (PSU);
The templates for the lower die are:
Lower template (DIE), lower pad (LBD), lower die base (LPD), lower foot, lower pallet;
Other less commonly used templates:
Upper cover plate (CVU), knockout plate, upper template, lower stripping plate, lower stop plate, lower clamping plate, male mold, female mold, etc.;
Some of the mold parts are:
The upper die into the sub, into the block: the splint into the block, the stripper into the block, the punch, etc.;
The entry of the lower die, the entry into the block: the lower die into the block, the lower die knife edge, etc.;
Standard parts: springs, hexagon screws, stop screws, wire springs, contour sleeves, guide posts, guide sleeves, contour sleeve gaskets, dual-purpose pins, ejector pins, etc.;
Non-standard parts: outer positioning, inner positioning, pitch positioning, outer limit column, inner limit column, etc.

Post time: Apr-28-2022