How to remove the rust after the battery spring is rusted?

The battery is a very important tool in our daily life, but the battery needs a spring to conduct electricity, but you may not know that the battery spring cannot be customized with stainless steel wire, because the stainless steel wire is not conductive, so Usually nickel-plated carbon steel wire is used for customization, so some rust stains often appear on the surface. The following Raisingelec will take everyone to solve the problem of how to remove the rust after the battery spring is rusted!

How to deal with the rusty battery spring of the remote control?

1. The rust proves that the liquid in the battery has flowed to the electrode connector of the remote control. It is best to wipe the rust off thoroughly with a clean rag, place the remote control to dry, and then install a new battery;
2. Use a flat-blade screwdriver or tweezers to remove the corrosives, and then gently scrape away the rust remaining on the spring plate and spring seat of the battery box;
3. Wash the embroidery with strong corrosive liquid such as alcohol, methanol, and thinner;
4. Use a file to brighten the place where the spring contacts the battery;
5. If there is no file, use sandpaper. Wrap sandpaper around the pencil tip and fix it up and down with a rubber strip, which is a simple file;

Post time: Nov-12-2021