The role of stamping shrapnel

Due to its characteristics, springs are widely used in machinery and equipment manufacturing, electronics, electrical appliances, computers, high-tech product parts, etching, auto parts, kitchen supplies, adjusting gaskets, stainless steel foil molds and other industries. What is the function of the spring shrapnel of metal stamping parts?

(1) It can control mechanical movement, such as valve shrapnel in internal combustion engine and control shrapnel in clutch, etc.

(2) It can store and output energy as power, such as clock shrapnel and shrapnel in firearms, etc.

(3) It can absorb the energy of vibration and impact, such as the buffer shrapnel under the car and the train car and the vibration absorbing shrapnel in the coupling, etc.

(4) It can be used as a force measuring element, such as dynamometer and shrapnel in shrapnel scales, etc.

The ratio of the load to the deformation of the stamping shrapnel  is called the stiffness of the shrapnel. The greater the stiffness, the harder the shrapnel. According to the nature of the force, the shrapnel can be divided into compressed shrapnel and curved spring shrapnel, etc. If divided according to shape, it can be divided into disc shrapnel, annular shrapnel, truncated cone scroll shrapnel and torsion bar shrapnel, etc.

Post time: May-27-2022