Raisingelec tell you what processes need to be passed through mechanical processing!

To formulate the machining processing process, it is necessary to affirm that the workpiece has to go through several processes and the sequence of process stops. Only the simple process of the title of the main process and its processing order is listed, which is called the process path. The drafting of the craft path is to formulate the overall plan of the technological process. The main task is to select the processing method of each appearance, confirm the processing order of each appearance, and the number of processes in the whole process. The drafting of craft roads must follow certain guidelines.

The designed process regulations should be able to guarantee the processing quality of machine parts (or the assembly quality of the machine), and meet the technical requirements of the rules on the design drawings. The technological process should have a higher consumption rate so that the product can be put on the market as soon as possible. Try to reduce the cost of manufacturing, pay attention to reducing the labor intensity of workers, and ensure safe consumption.

The consumption conditions of the manufacturing plant include the specifications, performance and current state of machine tool equipment and process equipment, the technical level of workers, the ability of the factory to make process equipment, and the ability of the factory to supply electricity and gas and other related materials. Design manuals and relevant specifications required for process design and process equipment design. Advanced manufacturing technology materials at home and abroad, etc.

Machining parts are composed of several appearances. To study the relative relationship of parts appearances, it is necessary to confirm a datum. The datum is the point, line, and surface on which the position of other points, lines, and surfaces are based on the part. According to the different functions of benchmarks, benchmarks can be divided into design benchmarks and process benchmarks.

Post time: Nov-05-2021