Metal stamping process

Stamping process: in a multi station progressive continuous stamping die, the workpiece of the nail arranging machine is stamped down to complete processes such as calendering, forming and welding. However, it still has a small part connected with the stamping sheet, and the stamping sheet enters the ultrasonic surface treatment equipment with the workpiece after stamping and welding to remove the antirust grease and welding slag. Complete the removal of welding beans and burrs in the shot peening chamber.

This is very necessary to avoid short circuit and electrical short circuit when stamping parts are used. In the second short-time ultrasonic surface treatment, before the quality inspection of stamping parts, the ultrasonic surface cleaning technology is used again to remove the residues left during shot peening. After all the above operations are completed, the stamping parts are completely separated from the blank plate and stored separately. The stamping parts with poor quality of the nail arranging machine are placed in the waste box, and the qualified stamping parts directly enter the packaging workshop.

In the production process, how to avoid damage to stamping parts is summarized as follows for your reference:

1. Transform stamping equipment to improve production safety and reliability. At present, there are many unsafe factors in the control system and electrical control system of many old stamping equipment. If they continue to be used, they should be technically transformed. The stamping equipment manufacturer shall improve the product design to ensure the safety and reliability of the stamping equipment.

2 install protective devices. Due to the small production batch, safety protection devices must be installed in the stamping operation that neither realizes automation nor uses safe stamping tools, so as to prevent injury accidents caused by misoperation. Various protective devices have different characteristics and scope of use. Improper use will still cause injury accidents. Therefore, the functions of various protective devices must be clarified to ensure correct use and safe operation.

3. Reform the process, mold and operation mode to realize manual operation outside the mold. For mass production, we can start with the reform of process and mold to realize mechanization and automation. For example, the use of automation, multi station stamping machinery and equipment, the use of multi cutting tools and mechanized production devices, and the use of combined process measures such as continuous die and compound die. All these can not only ensure the safety of stamping operation, but also greatly improve the production efficiency.

Post time: Aug-26-2021