How to negotiate an import contract

To metal trading business,Inquiry is a sign that one party invites the other party to make an offer. Inquiries are generally in writing. The content of the inquiry varies, and the more comprehensive one includes the main content of the future contract, such as the name, specification, and quantity of the goods inquired.

Price comparison is to research, organize, analyze and compare the offers of several exporters and the price materials we have investigated and collected from other aspects. There are several ways to compare prices:

1. Comparison of quotations from different foreign companies in the same period. Compare the quotations of merchants in different countries and regions under the same conditions.

2. Regional price comparison. Compare the quotation or transaction price of the same foreign businessman to different regions of our country, different companies and to other countries with the quotation to us.

3. Historical price comparison. It is to compare the transaction price of the same commodity imported by us in the past or the quotation of the same commodity by foreign merchants in the past with the current quotation, minus the difference of various factors.

4. Sub-item comparison. For commodities with complex technical specifications and many models, the other party is required to compare itemized quotations.

For international business ,there are three forms of transaction negotiation:

1. Negotiate face-to-face directly.

2. The two parties negotiate directly by letter, telex, telex, fax and telephone.

3. Negotiations that convey information from both parties through a third party.

In the negotiation, we should also pay attention to several aspects, and make specific analysis of specific problems:

1. Different objects, different countermeasures. According to the different characteristics of each country, different.

2. Find out the situation and select the object. Where to import, whether it is direct or indirect, the object must be selected according to the actual situation.

3. Reasonable and restrained, pay attention to strategy. It is necessary to present facts, reason with reason, and convince people with reason. Negotiations should be reasonable, beneficial and restrained.

4.Take advantage of competition to select the best imports. We can properly take advantage of the buyer’s favorable position, take advantage of contradictions, grasp the opportunity, and choose the best import.

5. Master the trend, reason and attack the heart. In the intricate negotiation process, the main negotiator should keep a clear head and carefully observe the other party’s movements.

Post time: Apr-20-2022