How to choose the spring material correctly

Raisingelec teaches you how to choose the spring material correctly. The choice of spring material should be based on the nature of the spring’s load, stress state, stress size, working temperature, environmental medium, service life, requirements for electrical conductivity, process performance, material Factors such as source and spring price are determined.

When determining the shape and size of the material section, the series of dimensions specified in national standards and ministerial standards should be preferred, and materials with non-standard series specifications should be avoided as much as possible.

Medium and small springs, especially helical tension springs, should preferably use reinforced steel wires, lead bath isothermal cold drawn steel wires and oil quenched and tempered steel wires, which have high strength and good surface quality, and their fatigue performance is higher than that of ordinary quenching. Tempered steel wire, simple processing, good manufacturability and stable quality.

Carbon spring steel wire and piano steel wire produce large residual stress after cold drawing. After processing the spring, there is a large residual stress. After tempering, the size changes greatly, and it is difficult to control the dimensional accuracy. The oil quenched and tempered steel wire is modulated and strengthened after the steel wire is drawn to the specified size, and basically there is no residual stress. Reinforced steel wire.

For large and medium-sized springs, cold-drawn materials or cold-drawn polished steel should be used for those with high load accuracy and stress. For springs with lower load accuracy and stress, hot rolled steel can be used. The material cross-section of the coil spring should preferably be a circular cross-section. Square and rectangular section materials have strong bearing capacity, good impact resistance, and can miniaturize the spring, but the source of materials is small. And the price is high, except for special needs, generally try not to use this material. In recent years, the development of rolling flat steel wire instead of trapezoidal steel wire has achieved good results.


Post time: May-19-2022