Dusting method overview in Raisingelec

Powder spraying method for metal product:

In industry , lots of metal products need be powdered before shiping. The part of the spray gun for electrostatic spraying is connected to the negative electrode, and the workpiece is connected to the positive electrode and grounded. Under the high voltage of the high-voltage electrostatic generator, an electrostatic field is formed between the tip of the spray gun and the workpiece. The electric field force on the paint particles is proportional to the main voltage of the electrostatic field and the charged amount of the paint power, and is inversely proportional to the distance between the spray gun and the workpiece. When the voltage is high enough, the area near the tip of the spray gun forms an air power area, and the air is intense The ground ionization and heat make a dark red halo formed around the sharp edge of the tip of the spray card or the pole needle, which can be clearly seen in the dark, and the air produces a strong corona discharge at this time.

Most of the film-forming substances in coatings, that is, resins and pigments, are composed of polymer organic compounds, which are mostly conductive dielectrics. In addition to film-forming substances, solvent-based coatings also include organic solvents, cosolvents, curing agents, and electrostatic thinners. and other various additives. Except for benzene, dimethylbenzene, solvent gasoline, etc., such solvent-based substances are mostly polar substances with low resistivity and certain conductivity, which can improve the charging performance of coatings. With the rapid development of the industry, the manufacture of electrostatic spraying equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated. 

Raisingelec can provide this services for all kind of metal products.

Post time: May-11-2022