Do you know the environmental protection and non-environmental protection of screw electroplating?

Hardware screw electroplating has environmental protection and non-environmental protection, environmental protection electroplating has environmental protection blue zinc, environmental protection color zinc, environmental protection black zinc, environmental protection white zinc, environmental protection nickel, etc., non-environmental protection: white zinc, color zinc, black zinc, blue zinc , Nickel, etc. Everyone also understands that electroplating plants produce more electroplating products. Many products are mixed together. If we have a relatively small number of screws.

Under normal circumstances, electroplating factories will mix our screws of different specifications for electroplating. In this case, it is easy to cause some screws to fail to be plated, or poorly plated, or even cause some screws to be deformed and scrapped.
Especially our combination screw, because it is a combination of three pieces. Inside and out, it’s a bit bad for plating. In addition, if the cross groove of the screw is not cleaned before plating, the plating may not be able to plate the cross groove. It should be matched according to the accumulated experience in daily life, not to be forced. The following situations should not be rigidly matched, so as not to affect the quality of screw products.

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Post time: Dec-16-2021